Friday, September 7, 2007

Bad maps, angry merchants and 5k worth of signatures

This blog is written by Bryan McKeon, of the original organizers of the neighborhood drive to halt the Starbucks going into 4041 Geary.

Well the plan is coming together and its quite overwhelming. More than a dozen COFFEE SHOPS from the Richmond district alone have submitted letters of opposition to City Hall Board of Supervisors . Many will be there to have their voice heard. Many of these coffee shops (and many other businesses also) have had petitions that are now totalling almost 5k. The exact number I wont know till the day we submit them (we have to go through and subtract the out of towners or incompleters etc, this is a small percentage but we have to verify what we submit).

I am both nervous and excited about this and really, more excited about how the neighborhood is coming together to decide how it is all shaped.

See you all Tuesday.

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