Sunday, August 5, 2007

another petition location

so in another attempt to spread the word to Ross Mirkarimis district (North of Panhandle spefically) my friend told me that the owner of Central Cafe at Hayes and Central would keep a few there and ask people for their signatures. Then, she also told me about a community activist named Dave that had been through stuff like this before and he could help me out by giving me a few peoples names and number. So much for polishing off my speech.

I managed to get over to Central Cafe and leave some petitions. The owner Alli is visionary guy and was glad to help. I didnt think a neighborhood that far over would be so interested. I was wrong.

Then I took my copy of the San Francisco Retail diversity Study to Kinkos to get it copied. Half of the copiers there were out of order. The chain gods were angry with me. I finished but missed last call at the office max to buy tape. The posting of the neighborghood will be sparse tonite. Ill hit some bus stops, that will make the most difference with the least amount of tape.

Central Cafe is located on Central and Hayes for any readers of this blog who are in that hood. The Cafe Afrikane (i think thats what its called) is an awesome drink...

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