Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thousands of Richmond District Residents Oppose Another StarBucks in our Neighborhood

[Photo: Portland Independent Media]
Petition to block Starbucks Corporation from moving into the Inner Richmond District of San Francisco

Let's keep "formula retail" (chain) stores out of our neighborhood.

Both Hayes and Cole Valley, North Beach and a section of Divisadero have in the past few years been protected by legislation (sponsored by Matt Gonzales, Aaron Peskin, and Ross Mirkarimi respectively) from formula retail establishments. All of these in an effort to preserve the uniqueness, character and personality of these neighborhoods. To protect their "San Francisconess".

Why shouldn't we do the same for our Neighborhood.

The Inner Richmond in addition to Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell and a slew of other international chains is now host to "Quickly" at Clement and 5th another "formula retail" store. Now Starbucks is planning to move into the new Toyota repair shop on Geary between 4th and 5th Avenues in order to "preserve and enhance the cultural and economic diversity of the neighborhood...". As of June, 6, 2007, there are already 80 Starbucks locations in San Francisco "preserving" and "enhancing" the neighborhoods of San Francisco.

Small independently owned businesses have historically recirculated 60% of revenues into the neighborhoods they reside in. Formula retail stores (like Starbucks) recirculate only 20% of revenues from the neighborhoods they reside in. As we plan our neighborhood of tomorrow, which type of business would you rather see?

Please help to conserve the uniqueness of your neighborhood and keep Starbucks out.

This is YOUR PETITION for us to be heard by the BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. Please help send a message to chain stores that we the residents of San Francisco do not want them in our neighborhoods.

It's YOUR City!!

This Petition endorsed by the Clement Street Merchants Association and thousands of Richmond District residents.

Petition contact: Bryan Mckeon 415-379-9135


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