Saturday, August 4, 2007


This Blog is written by Bryan Mckeon one of the two main organizers for this opposition to Starbucks at Geary and 4th.
as of today, Saturday August 4th, here is the list of places to sign the petition.

Velo Rouge at Arguello and McAllister (close to Fulton)
Cafe Del Sol on California near 5th ave (north side)
Javaholics on Balboa at 6th Ave
ToyBoat Desert shop on Clement and 5th
Green Apple bookstore on Clement between 6th and 7th (the main store)
Bazaar Cafe on California at around 19th or 20th Ave
JavaCat on Geary at around 18th or so
Blue Danube on Clement between 4th and 5th.
Cafe Muse on 8th Avenue near Fulton
JavaBreak on Clement between 3rd and 4th
Q restaurant on Clement between 3rd and 4th.

As of today Jesse Fink and myself are fairly prepared for our tuesday meeting where we will explain the economic benefits of independent retailers versus their chain competitors, the lack of transparency on Starbucks behalf in notification of the neighborhood and ultimately what a neighborhood truly is and what Geary is now.

Its been an odd experience so far dealing with City Hall, supervisors and people asking so many questions about how Geary should be etc.

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